Thinking About Removing a Tree?

You might have a lot of reasons to remove a large, long-living tree such as disease or pests. Trees can beautify a yard or a whole neighborhood, but from time to time and for various reasons they might need to be cut down.

Crown Tree Service can help you evaluate the impact and possible benefits of removing a tree. Considerations include the overall health of the tree, shade provided and aesthetic addition to the landscape. Invasive root systems can also present a threat to pavement, decks and underground plumbing. 

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Eight Reasons to Remove a Tree

  • A tree is dead, or showing signs of disease
  • Storm damage causes a tree to be unsafe
  • Root encroachment on your house, barn, or other structures
  • Tree is near utility lines or structures and poses a fire danger
  • Dropping leaves, needles or sap create problems
  • Tree blocks sunlight or views
  • If a tree is leaning over a home or structure
  • Trees can create a fire danger if next to your home